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Music Flow for Dummies Help



Guys, ive had and SH8 Sound Bar for some months, but i recently got a couple of H4s and a H7, i was just starting to figure things out on the system and now with the Cast Update im a BIT confused, so i would like to ask some questions that might not seem smart...

1) I dont own any google cast devices, is there stil some kind of improvement for me with the update? i dont know much about cast or its advantages in general.

2) What are the mesh network options for?

3) Do i really need to keep the sound bar or the H7 wired to my router, to use more speakers in group mode or cinema mode? Does this help stability?.

4) Is there a way to use my 2 H4s paired at any level without WiFi? They are portable, but the best i figured so far is to use wifi hotspot on one of my cell phones when im outside, but it isnt stable.

5) Tee bahavior of gropuing is now confusing, it seems like i need to group at music flow, then on soptify everything gets separated again, and after some times repeating this, i can play the music selecting one of the speakers in spotfy but then i cant see the speakers connected on the music flow app. Am i doing something wrong?

6) Is it possible to use a non music flow speaker as rear speaker on Cinema mode, considering the Cast Update? H4s seem to be very scarce and im afraid one of them might die in the future :O

7) Do you guys use compressed sound transmission? Is it worth it regarding stability?

8) Is a dual band router necessary for keeping stability?

9) One of my H4s seems to be crashing, i think ots software related, as i cant power it off, it also messes with all the system. Is it possible to do a factory reset on the H4s?

I seriously love this system and specially the sound, i just think i need to play a little more with it.

That would be all for now, hehe.

Posted on 21-Mar-2017